Volunteering at Bixby

Volunteers In Public Schools

In order to volunteer at school or in your child’s classroom you need be a VIPS.

Please complete the VIPS Application to begin the process.

The following documentation is required when applying:

  • Copy of negative TB Test (per state law)
  • Copy of a valid CA photo ID
  • Senate Bill 792— California Daycare Immunization Requirements for Adults: all volunteers working with preschool aged children must have proof of a measles, pertussis and *influenza vaccination and must provide a health screening affidavit signed by a healthcare provider. (*The influenza vaccine may be waived on an annual basis)


A new VIPS application is required for the following reasons:

  • First time VIPS in LBUSD
  • Expired TB Test (Expires every 4 years)
  • Volunteering at more than one school starting January 2022


Processing of a VIPS application can take up to two weeks due to fingerprinting (DOJ and FBI requirement) and Megan’s Law clearance. For more information on becoming a VIPS please contact Renita in the front office.

Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year there will be a number of opportunities for you to volunteer at school and during PTA events. To organize volunteers we Point, a program that lets us send out volunteer requests and helps PTA keep track of volunteer hours. 

Please sign up on Bixby PTA’s SignUp.com page for all of the latest information.